Creating a Serverless Blog with Cloudflare and Hugo

I hate having to rebuild stuff. I’ve rebuilt this blog a total of 4 times, with 3 of those time related to bad application/server updates.

Linux Security Summit 2020

I presented last week with my co-worker Brian at the Linux Security Summit on Securing Memory at Scale.

We Are Back!

We were offline for a bit but now we are back and serverless!

Google Next '19'

My co-presentation from Google Next ‘19 on Migrating DDOS Controls to Google Cloud:

Kubernetes on an Intel NUC

With the recent rise of microservices, there has been a lot of documentation on Kubernetes and how to build it on various cloud platforms (AWS, GCE, etc).

Docker Cheat Sheet

First, my apologies for not updating in a while. For those who follow my Github site you’ll see that I have been updating that more frequently than my blog.

Open vSwitch Cheat Sheet

Before I begin, for those unfamiliar with Open vSwitch, please check out my friend David Mahler’s YouTube page for comprehensive introductory videos.

VXLAN Offload

It’s been a while since I last posted due to work and life in general.


VLANS circa 1998 It’s amazing that a technology that is over 16 years oldĀ is still widely used today.

Openstack scripts

I’ve updated my Git repo with some of the deployment scripts I’ve used for my Brix/NUC lab setup.